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Practices and Policies

Please review the following information regarding Ogden Middle School practices and policies, sign the required signature page and turn in at the time of your student’s registration. 
Attendance Requirements
Bus Information
Cell Phone/Electronic Policies
Code of Conduct/Calendar
Grade & Progress Reports
Meal Accounts
Release of Information



Regular school attendance is a critical factor for your student’s success in learning and making progress toward graduation. Research indicates a strong relationship between consistent school attendance, academic success, and school completion.  Parents may be unaware of the laws requiring school attendance, or the potential legal consequences to the child and the parent if their child is excessively absent from school. Attendance at school is not only important; it is also the law. Excessive absences and/or tardies from school may constitute a violation of Oregon Compulsory Education Law and District Policy. Oregon Revised Statute 339.030 states that every parent is directed to ensure that his/her child attends school regularly. Eight unexcused one-half day absences in any four-week period during which the school is in session shall be considered irregular attendance.

If your child is absent for ten consecutive days, for any reason, we are required to withdraw them from our system.  Re-registering your student will be required to return to school.

Please send a note with your child for tardy, early dismissal, extended absence or to excuse a previous absence. Dr./Ortho notes are also helpful if your student is arriving late. 
Have your student bring their note to the Student Window in the lobby. A note will be sent at the appropriate time for your student to leave class and meet you in the office to sign-out. 
If you call within 30 minutes of end-of-day to have your student leave early or for change of transportation, we cannot guarantee the change before the students are released.

Excused Absences:

Excused absences as defined by the OCSD are one of the following:

  • Illness or injury of the student
  • Illness or death in the family which includes, but is not necessarily limited to mother, father, siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins
  • Family emergency of an unforeseen nature
  • Medical or dental appointment of a student that cannot be made outside the school day and can be verified, except in the case of an emergency
  • Obligatory religious observances of the student’s own faith
  • Subpoenaed court appearance
  • Participation in a school approved student activity or a district approved function
  • Pre-arranged absence approved by principal

Unexcused Absences:

Any absence for a day or any significant part of a day for reasons other than those listed above and any absence without parent knowledge and arrangement with school officials shall be considered an “unexcused” absence. A “significant part of a day” is defined as one class period or its equivalent.  Students are also defined as “truant” for any absence without parent knowledge.

Bus Routes

See the OCSD Transportation for information.

Cell Phone/Electronics Policy

Students who bring electronic devices (including, but not limited to cell phones, digital cameras, and iPods) to school must turn them off (this includes vibrate) and keep them in their locker or in a pocket during the school day. These items may not be out or used during school hours (this includes lunch time, after school activity hours and sports) unless it is an academic activity supervised by a staff member.  Individual teachers and staff members will define academic electronic use within their own classrooms and monitor their use by students. Parents are asked to support the learning environment by not calling or texting their student during the school day.  If it is essential to contact your student during the school day, please contact Ogden’s main office at 503-785-8300 to leave a message.  Electronic devices out or used during the school day (this includes outgoing and incoming calls and/or texts) will be confiscated and put in the office. Items put in the office will require parent pickup.  (The school office is open until 4:00.)  Ogden Middle School will not be responsible for lost, stolen, or broken electronic devices. Students bringing these items to school do so at their own risk.

Laser pointers are strictly prohibited and will be confiscated.

Code of Conduct/Handbook/Calendar 

Parent Handbook/Calendar is available upon request.  The handbook has the same information included in the Student Handbook. Each student will receive their own planner/handbook during the first week of school. (This is provided through the student body fee that each student pays.)
Oregon City School District Code of Conduct 2016-2017

Grade/Progress Report Format        

Ogden Middle School will not be sending Progress Reports to Parents/guardians through the mail every six weeks unless specifically requested.  Progress grades will continue to be posted every 6 weeks and will be available on ParentVue.  Students also have access to their grades through StudentVue.  We encourage parents to monitor their student’s academic progress on a regular basis through their ParentVue account.  Semester Report Cards will continue to be sent out through the mail.

Meal Accounts

District Free and Reduced Meal Forms are available online. A new form must be completed each year.  Students who qualify for free or reduced priced meals must include a milk with their meal; otherwise when entered into the computer, the student’s account will be charged full price for their meal. Students will be expected to use their student ID card when getting their breakfast/lunch to make the line go faster.

In order for students to eat a hot meal each day (unless receiving free meals) money must be in the student’s meal account. It is the parent’s responsibility to be aware that money is in their child’s account. Data shows that students who have a healthy breakfast and lunch do better academically and socially. Students are not able to charge a lunch. A cheese sandwich may be requested from the kitchen staff if a student’s meal account does not have enough money in it to purchase a lunch. Parents may deposit money directly into their student’s meal account at .   Breakfast is $1.65; Lunch is $2.95.
Parents are also able to log into their My Mealtime account and see what their student has been purchasing as well as set limits for the Snack Shack. This can allow only the kitchen meal, or minimal $$ at the snack shack.

Release of Information/Images Policy

(Directory Information)

We enjoy sharing the positive information, stories, accomplishments and images of our students with our student body and community in varied formats.  If you have concerns about your home address or phone numbers being shared, we do not share these.   We understand that there could be situations (custody issues, witness protection, etc…) where sharing of simple student information (name, photo, age, etc…) could pose a security risk.   You can choose to be excluded from information/image sharing.  If you choose to “Opt-Out” for any reason, your child will be excluded from appearing in various media and communication channels.  This means being excluded from pictures, websites, yearbooks, newspapers, videos and anything else that is easily shared.  This also means Exclusion from team pictures, activity pictures, showcasing of student work, and potentially many other things as well.  Parents choosing to “Opt-Out” will need to notify their student’s school each year in a separate written form of their need to have their student’s information or images excluded from school and community release.