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Behavior Referrals

Building on our community of collaboration, I thought it may be helpful for parents/guardians to understand our referral system and some of the consequences that we use. (Principal Normand)

We have two types of referrals: Majors and Minors. The same form is used for both.

Some of the consequences for minors can be:
Conference with teacher, admin, parent and student (or any combination of)
Making up time with the teacher
Phone call home
Time in office
Lunch detention
Apology (verbal or written)

Students with multiple minors for the same behavior (i.e. three tardies to the same class, multiple minors for disruption or disrespect) will be written up as a major and an additional consequence will be given.  This is where Mr. Kates or I become involved.
Some of these consequences include:

  • Lunch Detention
  • NEW After School Detention (Tuesday & Thursday transportation home can be provided if an Activity Bus form has been filled out.)
  • Time in office or in detention room
  • Skill building group
  • Loss of privileges at school
  • Community service

At this level we will take a deeper look to try and understand why a student is acting out in such a way. This is a signal that the behavior we see could be a symptom of another issue.
Is there some social/academic skill building we can provide, is there a conflict with a peer or a group, are there struggles with the academic rigor of the class, etc.

There are also extreme behaviors that warrant a more serious consequence; bullying and harassment, fighting, drug and alcohol use or distribution.
Some of the consequences for these kinds majors include:
In-school and/or out of school suspension and expulsion.
For additional information please follow this link to the Student Code of Conduct., pages 20-25 outline the possible consequences for behaviors that are violations of District Rules (consequences for Major offenses).

Sometimes your student may be assigned to Lunch Study.
Teachers assign Lunch Study to a student if they are missing assignments and/or are not able to turn work in on time.
Students that participate in lunch study get their lunch and take it to the designated space, (sometimes that is a classroom, the detention room or the library) and spend their lunch time working on an assignment that is most often overdue.