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New Regular Bell Schedule Starts Thursday - 12/7

There is a new bell schedule that takes effect Thursday, December 7th. 

This is for Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. 
Wednesday's schedule will remain the same.

Advisory 8:50-9:15
2nd Period 9:19-10:12
3rd Period 10:16-11:09
6th Grade Lunch 11:12-11:28 IN/11:28-11:42 OUT
  4th Period 11:46-12:39
7th Grade Lunch 11:12-11:28 OUT/11:28-11:42 IN
  4th Period 11:46-12:39
8th Grade - 4th Period 11:13-12:06
  8th Grade Lunch 12:09-12:39
5th Period 12:43-1:36
6th Period 1:40-2:33
7th Period 2:37-3:30