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Peer Mentoring

Ogden Middle School is pleased to announce our new Peer Mediation Program!

The goal of our Peer Mediation Program is to help Ogden maintain a healthy, positive and safe learning environment by empowering students to manage conflict, transform relationships and enhance school climate.  A Peer Mediation Program is an effective way to empower students to better handle conflict, deal with difficult situations they experience at school and become agents of change.

Peer Mediation is a voluntary process in which a student trained as a neutral third praty, helps other students in conflict, gain clarity about their concerns, better understand one another and come to mutual agreements about how they want to handle their issues. The peer mediators consist of a group of selected and trained seventh and eighth grade students who are led by multiple staff members at Ogden.

We all know that conflict is a normal part of life. At times, students are involved in conflicts during recess, in the cafeteria and within the classroom. Many school disputes have to do with rumors or misunderstandings between friends. Sometimes, these conflicts can be worked out with the help of peer mediators.  During mediation, a student (0r pair of students) listens to other students present their side of a disagreement and then helps them find common ground. Mediations will occur in the counseling center.  A counselor will be nearby and available if mediators or disputants need more assistance.

It is our intent at Ogden that in using the peer mediation process, students can begin to see conflict as an opportunity for growth and learning, rather than something that fuels anger, frustration or even violence.  If you have any questions about the program, please contact the counseling department. You can also find more information about Peer Mediation Programs at the following websites: