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Fees 2018-2019

These fees are collected and due at the time of registration.  Scholarships may be available for students who qualify for the Free and Reduced meal program.

$20.00 Student Body Fee: Includes cost of student planner, student ID card, advisory/team activities and awards.

PE Clothes:   Students are required to dress down and wear a red t-shirt and black shorts. We have these available with Ogden logos for student purchase.

  • $12.00 PE shorts (optional) or may be brought from home.
  •   $8.00 PE shirts (optional) or may be brought from home.

$20.00 Yearbook (optional):  This book includes pictures of students and staff plus various shots of activities throughout the year.  Students who purchase the yearbook will receive it on the last day of school.   The price of the yearbook will go up to $25.00 on April 1st, 2019.  The last day to purchase a yearbook is May 1st, 2019.

These fees are only for students signed up for specific electives.

$30.00 7th and 8th grade Band: Pays for band festival registrations, transportation fees, sub costs for music events, and miscellaneous band/choir supplies (reeds, oil, mutes, cords, etc.)

$25.00 7th and 8th grade Choir: Pays for choir festival registrations, transportation fees, sub costs for music events.

$20.00  Woodshop:  Pays for basic student materials.

$20.00  Music through Art:  Pays for student materials

$20.00 Cultural Explorations: Pays for student materials

Possible additional fees throughout the year:
(These fees will be communicated in advance if it pertains to your student.)

TBD Field trip: Sometimes teams or grade levels decide to take student off campus for an educational field trip. This is yet to be planned or determined.

$25.00  6th grade Outdoor School.  

$75.00 Afterschool Sports (Dance, Wrestling, Track and Field): Students must have a current sports physical (within 2 years), an athletic participation form and proof of medical insurance on file in the school office prior to participation. Students who do not have insurance through their family my purchase insurance through an outside company (forms available in the office).

$10.00 Before school and After school Activities (charge per activity)

We are able to accept Debit or Credit cards in addition to cash or checks.  (Checks are to be made payable to Ogden Middle School.)